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Do you know what you like? Are you sure?
Do you know what art is? Are you sure?

Come to the group exhibition “Intellekt & Humor” at Westpol to be confronted with a vision of what art can be that will challenge you to overcome your boundaries and expand your universe of knowledge, because this show is as much about you and your perspective as it is about art and what art means.

You can read more about yourself (and art) here  →   I don’t know Art, but… 

Aleen Solari
Arthur StokvisBonno van DoornDaniel Caleb ThompsonJivan FrensterLaurent ProuxMarkus MaiSamuel VandervekenStephan Jäschke

Öffnungszeiten: Do – Sa 16 – 20 Uhr

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Bilder © Andreas Miller & Dan Thompson, Flyer © Stephan Jäschke

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